1862 - 1912
The Golden Age of Château Pouilly

Between 1862 and 1912 the Château de Pouilly was the Gold Medal winner at the Expositions Universelles of Lyon (1872), Vienna (1873), Paris (1878) and Brussels (1897).

It won Silver medals in London (1862), Nîmes (1863), Mâcon (1866), Paris (1867), Le Hâvre (1868), Altona (1869) and Barcelona (1888). 

The Château was awarded the Medal of Honour at the Nevers Exposition in 1875. 

The Château exhibited in the US in 1904 and won the Grand prix in St Louis. 

The next year saw the Diplôme d’Honneur awarded in Liège.

The Château went on to scoop the Grand Prix at Expositions in London in 1908, Brussels in 1910, Turin in 1911 and London again in 1912. 

All these triumphs were earned by Henri Piot and his son-in-law Georges Protat.
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