1981 - 2014
The Rebirth

t was in 1981 that one of the grandchildren, Guaïta Véronique Canal du Comet, bought out her siblings. 

Under her direction the Château won a succession of new prizes. 

From 1981 to 2005, Guaïta Canal du Comet undertook the complete reorganisation and modernisation of the cellar equipment. 

Works have been undertaken on the Château itself and an atmosphere-controlled storage area for bottled wines has been built.

Today Château Pouilly can rely on a technology which helps make wine of the highest quality. 

There is a pneumatic wine press, temperature-controlled enamel vats and up to date equipment. All this technology works in harmony with ancient family traditions, especially concerning tending the vines and making and raising the wine.

Since 2004 the whole of the harvest has been bottled at the Château. 

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